Monday, May 27, 2013

Still Taking my weekly treatments..And I'm no longer considering Knee Surgery!
I highly Recommend Acupuncture Treatments from Justin Smoot at the Myofascial Pain Clinic
101 S Randall Ave, Elk City, OK 
(580) 225-5225 
Don't Delay Get Pain Free and Call Today!
Until Next Time, Shawn Wilson The "Voice Of Elk"

Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Evidence!

  I apologize that I have not posted in some time, as with the holiday's and the passing of my father, I've been preoccupied..However, I am about to shed some serious light on new found evidence that my  ACUPUNCTURE treatments from Justin Smoot have been the sole reason for pain relief and weight control. With Justin being gone the week before Christmas and my Dad's funeral in Missouri the week following Christmas, I had gone about three weeks since my last treatment session.(Note: my normal regiment had been once a week since I started treatments).. During this three week period without any ACUPUNCTURE treatments, my knees began to stiffen and i began experienceing heightened pain and discomfort. I also gained about 12 pounds. Thus disproving the theory that my recent loss of over 50 lbs was reason enough for my knees to become better. I went for my normal treatment this past Thursday and by the following day my knees had already gotten much better..Then after my treatment today my knees no longer hurt, aren't nearly as stiff ,and I've lost 7 of the 12 pounds that I had gained! I continue to be amazed at the success I have achieved through  ACUPUNCTURE !
   And just as importantly has this new evidence has come to light, I truly believe you can have success and relief as well..Just try it and you'll see and feel for yourself..Call and set up your appointment now! Call 580-225-5225 or stop by and visit Justin Smoot at the Myofascial Pain Clinic 101 South Randal in Elk City...And tell Justin I sent you!

Until Next Time, Shawn Wilson The "Voice Of Elk"

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Greatest Gift!!---Is The "Gift Of Painlessness"

Still undergoing my weekly Acupuncture Treatments with Justin Smoot! And still having EXCELLENT RESULTS!!.If you or someone you love is experiencing pain or an illness that nothing seems to work on Please consider visiting Justin Smoot. Even if it's just for a consultation.. Pain relief! I can testify to the benefits I have experienced personally taking Justin's Acupuncture Treatments..Oh,.. the dreaded constant knee pain...OUCH!...How many of you reading this blog right now have or know someone who has chronic knee pain? I would venture to say a whole lot .. And my 2nd question to you is, why continue to suffer or continue to medicate without at least trying Acupuncture.. It's safe, painless, and very affordable..Just 65$ for your initial visit and only 50$ per follow up visit or 50$ and then 35$ for senior citizens 65 or older, and even cheaper multi-treatment packages... (more affordable than you thought, huh?) Unbelievable!  Now, how much have you spent on medication that only makes the pain level more tolerant? I promise, if you or someone you love gives Justin a chance he will be totally honest and caring about your ailments, and I would be willing to bet, you will get the relief you so desperately want and deserve! And just for your information, Justin has Gift Certificates Available.Wow! What a unique and awesome gift to give or receive..... So stop procrastinating and Give the "Gift of Painlessness" to yourself or a loved one this holiday season. Stop by The Myofascial Pain Clinic 101 South Randal in Elk City or call 580-225-5225....And tell Justin I sent you!

Until Next Time, Shawn Wilson The "Voice Of Elk"

Friday, October 21, 2011

Acupuncture For Sinuses..What?

Sorry it's been so long since my last post. I have been maintaining my weekly treatments from Justin Smoot at the Myofascial Pain Clinic here in Elk City. And I'm Happy to say am still having excellent success with both my knee joint pain and my weight loss.. Yesterday during my treatment, Justin noticed I was really stuffy in my sinuses..I told him it was the dreaded Red Cedar allergies! That's when to my pleasant surprise he said he had a couple of Sinus Points that would help with the congestion..What?... Acupuncture for stuffed up sinuses??? Really?..I agreed that I was willing to give it a try..I'm so glad I did, literally within a couple minutes I was breathing out both nostrils..Unbelievable!! I continue to be amazed at what ailments acupuncture really treats..I guess by now I SHOULD be a total believer.. and you know what? I am ,and so should you!!. You must schedule your appointment today for whatever your ailment Justin will be totally honest with you just as he has been with me from the start..Here's to BREATHING BETTER!! Stop by The Myofascial Pain Clinic 101 South Randal in Elk City or call 580-225-5225
Until Next Time, Shawn Wilson The "Voice Of Elk"

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Can this really be working like THIS??? OH YEAH!!!

I am so excited that acupuncture really works for me....I have been able to share with so many people in person, and given them hope of reaching the same results as I have! I continue to keep the weight off and I continue not taking the three different prescription medications I was on..(water pills for edema, pills for acid re-flux. and the arthritis medication I was taking daily for my knee and joint pain).. I know in my heart of hearts, the weekly treatments I continue to receive from Justin Smoot are very effective and are exceeding my original expectations..Period!
Again, these treatments are pain free and are well worth the minimum cost..65$ first visit and 50$ each  followup treatment.. ( for patients 65 or over, it's only 50$ 1st visit then 35$ there after)... I'm saving more than that by eliminating my monthly co-pay for the three prescriptions I no longer have to take!! Quit procrastinating!! It's time you take the opportunity to become free of your ailments and pain. It may not work for everyone, as its worked for me, however don't you agree it's worth trying? Visitl Justin Smoot at the Myofascial Pain Clinic 101 South Randall in Elk City or Call Now at 580-225-5225.

Until Next Time,
 Shawn Wilson
The "Voice Of Elk"

Monday, September 12, 2011

Bummer!..Two Weeks Between Treatments!!

  Well, with all the happenings in my life lately, PRCA Rodeo, 1st Football Game, Labor Day Weekend,  I missed my weekly Acupuncture treatment. I'm not sure if it was mental or physical, but I was sure glad to get back on the table and have Justin Smoot work his magic! I felt so much better after the treatment. It was then I realized that my hunger urges were more frequent and harder to fend off than when I was on my once a week treatment.... I've learned that Acupuncture done right is an awesome source of inner strength and relief.
     Again, I urge each of you to give it a chance, a real chance, and you'll know that I'm telling you the truth. It's hard for me to tell you in words just how amazing I feel now that I've committed to an Acupuncture regiment. You know millions of people over the last 3000 years couldn't be wrong. Right?.
I'm so blessed to have a National Board Certified Acupuncturist (Justin Smoot) right here in Elk City, Oklahoma.
   I'm telling you, Justin is so informative and gentle in his approach and application that Any One of Any Age  would benefit from his treatments!
  Don't just nod your head...Pick up your phone and schedule your appointment now..
580-225-5225  or stop by the Myofascial Pain Clinic 101 South Randal in Elk City

Until Next Time, Shawn Wilson The "Voice of Elk"

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Acupuncture--Men Vs.Women: The Awful Truth!

I was told that way more women than men choose acupuncture as a method of treatment. When I asked why, I was told that women are less afraid of needles and the possibility of pain.. REALLY? Come on guys, what's the deal .. Acupuncture is relativity painless! And the benefits it produces are awesome.. I'm not just saying that...Justin Smoot does an excellent job of applying the needles plus he makes it a point to be very aware of the patients needs and fears if any. I challenge you tough guys to give it a try.. I promise you'll be amazed just as I've been with the results. I've had two months of treatments now and haven't felt this great in years..There is nothing to FEAR!! You will look forward to each treatment session with eager anticipation just as I do..  Give Justin Smoot a call @            580-225-5225 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            580-225-5225      end_of_the_skype_highlighting       or stop by the Myofascial Pain Clinic 101 South Randal in Elk City.. 
  I really appreciate all my friends from around here that are following this blog and want to give a special thank you to those who have scheduled and received Acupuncture Treatments from Justin. Be sure and tell him I sent you! I also want to acknowledge everyone of my foreign visitors from 10 different countries!! Including USA, Russia, Indonesia, Denmark, Canada,Germany, the United Kingdom,Thailand,India,and Israel. Wow!!

Until Next Time, Shawn Wilson The "Voice Of Elk"